YouMI is a non-profit organization
that is passionate about arts education
and depends on your generosity
and the support of individuals, local communities, foundations, and government entities
to conduct all YouMI operations.

• promoting music education
• the encouragement, enrichment and expansion of musical understanding for everyone
• championing musical and international diversity
• bridging cultures through music
• inspiring personal growth and artistic achievement

YouMI is listening and playing
at the heart of society


YouMI is pleased to accept individual donations that help improve arts education to individuals and the community.

YouMI is delighted to accept sponsorship from businesses that celebrate their support for the advancement of music in young people, education, and the community. Business sponsorship highlights YouMI’s effort to build community outreach individually and globally. As a YouMI partner your organization will be acknowledged on our Friends link, concerts, music programs, and literature.

YouMI is pleased to accept stock gifts, foundation and government support, and pledges in memoriam that are acknowledged on our website, music programs, and literature.

In kind Donations
YouMI is pleased to accept in-kind donations such as airline mileage, catering, retail gift cards, hospitality services, and professional services.

YouMI is dependent on the numerous dedicated volunteers who also believe in the power of music. If you would like to join us and have a talent, skill or just enthusiasm for music to share, we would be delighted to accept your help at concerts with duties such as greeting or seating guests, production of promotional materials and concert promotion, setting- or cleaning-up or fundraising, organization, web-site management, legal services, accounting services, etc. You will be part of an organization that believes that everyone benefits through music and experience the effects of so many motivated young people.



Together, you and YouMI explore and extend the power of music. Your contribution to YouMI is personally fulfilling and helps us advance the musical experience of individuals and the community. Below are membership levels that enrich your contribution; however, YouMI is pleased to accept donations in other denominations that fit your budget.

YouMI membership begins at $50 per year that supports young musicians and includes a “thank you” YouMI compact disc and two concert tickets.

Receive the Cadenza membership benefits in addition to 4 free tickets to any two performances of our premier event: the International Youth Music Festival at Grace Cathedral , Mission Dolores, St. Mary’s Cathedral or Knuth Hall at SFSU. You will also recieve invitations to preview special music events performed by YouMI musicians. In addition, you will also know that you are not only helping in the training and education of young musicians but also helping to establish an exciting event for the community of San Francisco

In addition to Crescendo member benefits you also receive 4 tickets for every performance of our critically acclaimed International Youth Music Festival. You will also be given exclusive invitations and seating for Masterclasses with world-renowned guest artists such as the eminent Alexander String Quartet. These Masterclass events are only available to Allegro memberships and above and are not open to the public.

At this level of annual membership you will be dazzled by an in-house YouMI quartet performance showcasing their musical accomplishments in addition to receiving the Allegro membership benefits.

For this annual donation you can be a crucial force for both musical education in young people as well as helping to expose extraordinary local and international talent to the community There are three potential choices of Grazioso sponsorship:

Grazioso Visionary - You can be the means of of introducing music education and training to a young person new to classical music-- including instrument rental for a twelve-month period. Many highly gifted young people never receive the opportunity to enrich their lives or their communities with music.

Grazioso Benefactor - We have many extraordinarily-talented young people in our community who have reached a high-level of accomplishment against all odds only to find they cannot afford the higher levels of training or access all the experiences necessary to develop a serious young musician. Your donation would make certain these young people do have the means to train with the best professional coaches and teachers available and that they also have the opportunities necessary to become great musicians. Their experience will culminate with the Festival in San Francisco, USA and Oxford UK.

Grazioso Ambassador -Cultural exposure in the arts has always been a crucial part of artistic expansion and growth and therefore this is also a key feature of the inspiration in YouMI programs. There are regions in all countries where extremely gifted young people do not have the means or access to other talent, training or musical opportunities. Furthermore, the creative inspiration that results from the exchange of different artistic and cultural perspectives in young musicians results in a rich dynamic for students, faculty and the audience. Your donation here will provide the means of bringing over these extraordinary young musicians, provide them with accommodation and training for an extended period and will culminate in their involvement with the International Youth Music Festival both in San Francisco, USA and Oxford, UK.

Your Grazioso membership level includes the rewards of a Forte membership, and your gracious sponsorship will culminate in the annual YouMI Summer Festival where you and 5 guests attend each of the festival concerts and cherish the advancement of your young musician’s skills.

OTHER $________
YouMI appreciates all membership amounts which will help further the potential of music in the community. Everyone’s gift is highly appreciated at all levels.

Thank you for your support, a musical gift for one and all.

Mail your membership or donation to:
6601 Tremont Street
Oakland, California 94609

Call Youth Music International at

Email Youth Music International

Donors will receive a thank you letter for your donation in order to claim a tax deduction. Donors, please consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of donations.

YouMI’s annual summer festival salutes all young musicians.

A FEW KEY GOALS OF YouMI ARE TO: introduce music education to young individuals who might otherwise not have an opportunity to learn music, build self-esteem, and develop leadership skills, advance the musicianship of young people at all levels, fund the travel,accommodation, training and festival costs for a gifted young musician from the international community

Your contribution helps young students expand their arts knowledge, progress to musical excellence, create new opportunities, inspire personal growth and artistic achievement.